Chocolate´s story

Chocolate´s story

Chocolate is one of the tastiest sweets. Its history dates back thousands of years and has its roots in Mesoamerican civilizations. Cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate, was first cultivated in what is now Mexico and Central America, where it was highly valued by ancient peoples such as the Olmecs, Mayans, and Aztecs.

The Olmecs were the first to cultivate cacao around 1900 BC. In their culture, cocoa had religious significance and was used in ceremonies and rituals. The Mayans also cultivated cacao and considered it a divine food. They created a thick and bitter drink called “xocoatl”, made from ground cacao beans, water and spices.

Later, the Aztecs adopted the cacao tradition from the Mayans and placed great economic value on it. They used cocoa as currency and considered it a food reserved for the elite and nobles. The Aztecs also made a cocoa drink called “chocolatl,” which was sweetened with honey and flavored with vanilla and other spices.

The arrival of the Spanish in America in the 16th century marked a turning point in the history of chocolate. The Spanish conquistadors, led by Hernán Cortés, discovered cocoa during their expedition to Mexico and were fascinated by its flavor and properties. Although they initially found it bitter and unpleasant, they soon began to appreciate its qualities.

The Spanish brought cacao back to Europe and began to modify its preparation. They added sugar, cinnamon and other ingredients to make it more palatable to the European palate. The cocoa drink became popular among the nobility and royalty, and its consumption spread throughout the continent.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, new techniques for processing cocoa were developed and machines were created that facilitated the mass production of chocolate. The first chocolate factory was established in Bristol, England, in 1728.

Over the centuries, chocolate has become a widely consumed and appreciated food all over the world. Different varieties and shapes of chocolate have been developed, from bars and bonbons to cakes and ice creams. In addition, the health benefits associated with its consumption, such as its antioxidant content and its ability to improve mood, have been discovered and studied.

Today, the chocolate industry is massive and diverse, with numerous brands and types of chocolate available on the market. At Runakay we love chocolate. For this reason, in our catalog we have a variety of ice creams made from cocoa with different combinations for all tastes, such as our chocolate ice cream, cookies & cream, tiger nut stracciatella, cocoa and banana, choco & coconut, hazelnut & chocolate and our vegan chocolate. Undoubtedly, chocolate has left its mark on the history of humanity and continues to be a pleasure for millions of people around the world.