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At Runakay Plus we are committed to healthy eating and organic farming. We take responsibility for the environment and use the most sustainable packaging possible.

RUNAKAY PLUS is a young company that is born ecological and vegan, committed to the health and quality of life of people and therefore, with the planet.

In our brand RUNAKAY we elaborate natural and handmade products, made with care and in an ethical way to provide maximum enjoyment to the consumer.

All our products are organic and healthy

In RUNAKAY we only work with 100% natural ingredients, top quality, with guaranteed origin and origin from sustainable and environmentally responsible agriculture. We are moved by your enjoyment and your health, because taking care of yourself is the most responsible action you can do, for you and for everyone.

Vegetable Shakes

RUNAKAY shakes are an innovative product in the Bio and Vegan Food market. It is a very versatile product that has received recognition at the Scandinavian Natural & Organic fair in 2019

Artisan Ice Creams

RUNAKAY artisan ice creams have one of the highest quality in the market, since they have very little air and a high content of organic matter.



460 ml. tubs

130 ml. tubs

2500 ml. and 5000 ml. trays

Helado ecológico Bombón vegano de horchata de chufa RUNAKAY

Tigernut Ice Cream Stick

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We distribute to Europe and the Middle East.

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