RUNA-human being and –KAY- Universe- is a Quechuan expression which makes reference to live in contact with the Earth and give thanks for her fruits. It goes beyond being aware of what you eat, it’s about honouring and transforming nature into something healthy, modern and authentic.

The entire RUNAKAY range is produced in Spain and holds all the relevant organic and vegan certificates. Our team is passionately committed to people’s health and well-being.

Yes, all RUNAKAY products are certified organic.

Our organic inspections and certificates are the endorsement for customers that we comply with European regulations on organic production regulations, which also protect the terms used in labelling. In other words, only organic certified products can refer to the terms eco-bio or organic, which have the same meaning.

Our packaging is recyclable. That’s why we encourage you to realise the importance of recycling properly in order to better manage the waste that we all generate and minimise our impact on our planet, the amazing home where we all live. As we always say at RUNAKAY: it’s your responsibility; it’s your choice.

RUNAKAY Products

You can check the allergens of all RUNAKAY products on the downloadable technical sheet that you’ll find in both ice cream and shakes.

NO, none of the ingredients that we use in the production of RUNAKAY products are genetically modified, nor do they contain GMOs.

The use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or genetic-engineering modified products (GI) is not allowed for the production, manufacturing and commercialization of eco-friendly products, according to EU Regulation No. 2018/848 , which states their incompatibility with the eco-friendly methods of production.

RUNAKAY ice creams can be stored in the freezer for up to 1½ years.

Make sure they’re kept at -18°C while in your freezer.

And when you’re about to eat them, take them out ten minutes beforehand so that they’re between -12°C and -14°C. And get ready to enjoy and feel great at the same time!

Yes, air is an essential ingredient of ice cream, to achieve optimal fluffiness, but of course, you mustn’t overdo it…

One of the main differences between artisanal and industrial ice cream is the amount of air included in the product.

Industrial ice cream is made with a much higher percentage of air than artisanal ice cream.

Therefore, the flavour of RUNAKAY artisanal ice cream is much more intense, because it contains less air, just what is needed to find the perfect balance between fluffiness and flavour.

Nothing better than tasting delicious RUNAKAY Eco Vegan ice cream to understand it and enjoy the experience.


You can find 2 complete ranges of RUNAKAY ICE CREAM with 10 products suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

For all these products, we have a V-label certificate: https://www.v-label.eu/es/v-label

“The V-Label is an internationallyrecognised, registered symbol forlabellingvegan and vegetarianproducts and services. Forconsumers, itis a simple and reliableguide to helpthemwhenthey are shopping. Withthe V-Label, companiespromotetransparency and clarity. Withthe V-Label, companieshelp to promotetransparency. Standardisedcriteria and inspectionsensurethatthe V-Labelis a uniqueseal of qualityforvegan and vegetarianproducts and services all across Europe.”

RUNAKAY products are guaranteed lactose-free and suitable for lactose intolerant people, with the exception of the range of dairy ice creams.

You can download the technical data sheet of each product in pdf to get even more information about it. At RUNAKAY, we are totally transparent!

We guarantee all Runakay products are gluten free and that statement is clearly highlighted on the label of the product.


You can buy ice cream online on our website and we’ll deliver it anywhere on the Peninsula. It will be delivered on Wednesday mornings, so make sure someone is at home to receive it and store it in the freezer. ❄️

We DO NOT deliver to the Balearic and Canary Islands.