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Delicious organic ice creams and smoothies that are good for you

Because we make them gluten FREE, dairy FREE and refined sugar FREE.
Take care and enjoy!


Ice Creams

Enjoy this healthy pleasure and feel good


The perfect balanced bio and vegan shake

Only natural and organic ingredients

Passion and honesty for your enjoyment and health.
At Runakay we only work with 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality, with guaranteed origin and source from sustainable and environmentally responsible farms.
We want you to enjoy it and feel good knowing that you are putting real nutrients into your body to become healthier, stronger and happier.

Organic Vegan Balanced SHAKES

Fruit Mix

The softest and fruitiest alternative; only mango, banana, almonds and the sweetness of date and, as a protein, the digestive and nutritive quinoa. And it has no natural stimulating substances, so you can also have it as a snack in the afternoon. A rounded, delicious and easy-to-drink breakfast or snack on the go.
A complete and delicious breakfast which is easy to take and carry. Runakay’s priority: making your life easier while improving its quality.


Coffee flavour and aroma in the morning is something we usually need to wake up. In Runakay we mix it with the healthiest and most delicious ingredients. Almond milk, banana, quinoa, dates and the best eco coffee from Colombia, in order to wake up your body and mind… After tasting it, your morning coffee will be something else. You can have it at breakfast, brunch or lunch with a light salad. Look after yourself without giving up on life’s pleasures

Matcha Tea

We don’t have enough room to list the benefits of matcha tea. It is the most powerful antioxidant in the world. Its caffeine and L-theanine mixture allow you to reach that mental state of awareness and peace you long for… And if we add delicious ingredients to sweeten it, improve its texture and flavour, such as the date, fruits and coconut…
Surprise yourself by having it with a green salad for lunch and you’ll see how you fit more into your day


For some of us, cacao has been the aroma and flavour of our breakfast since we were little kids. That’s why we’ve created Runakay Cocoa, which allows you to get the best part of cacao, sugar and milk. The rest of the flavours are there, the sweetness of dates, the freshness of fruit, the softness of almonds… Together with all the nutrients you need to be running on full power.

Anytime, anywhere, Runakay is pleasure and health together.

We are what we eat, we are what we think.

We’re all free to choose what foods we put in our bodies and what thoughts we put in our minds. Our life stems from these choices.
And what’s YOUR choice?

Organic Ice Creams
16 unique flavors that will surprise you!

If you also eat WITHOUT, choose here according to your preferences!

Gluten FREE, Dairy FREE, Refined Sugar FREE

If you take care of yourself and have given up gluten, dairy and refined sugar, you’re finally going to enjoy something delicious, artisanal and organic.


Gluten FREE, Dairy FREE

If you practice veganism and are gluten-free, this is your place. In this range we have developed the most exquisite flavors and 100% dairy free.

Gluten FREE, Refined Sugar FREE

If you take care of your loved ones, you know that the healthiest and most natural option for them is to eat foods without gluten and refined sugars.