I have coeliac disease and I want to enjoy my food!

I have coeliac disease and I want to enjoy my food!

This is a manifesto, a Runakay manifesto because above all we want to enjoy the food!

That’s why we create gluten-free ice creams that are mainly just that, ice creams. Being gluten-free does not change our taste or the experience of a good ice cream, and the best thing is that absolutely all our catalogue is GLUTEN FREE.

As part of our business commitment, our mission is to create ice cream suitable for as many people as possible. We seek to adapt to both the demands and the needs of our customers. And above all, for us it is essential to provide solutions and alternatives for all those people who until now have not been able to enjoy ice cream as they deserve.

Did you know that the average shopping basket of a person with coeliac condition costs about 1000 euros more per year than that of a person without coeliac condition? With coeliac disease affecting one in a hundred Europeans according to the FACE (Federation of Spanish Coeliac Associations), this economic inequality is affecting a large number of people and the figures continue to rise.

What can companies do about this situation? First of all, we can facilitate the supply of gluten-free products. Just as we are moving towards veganism and the organic trend, we must also make products suitable for people with intolerances and allergies. But this is not enough, we must also work to ensure that the sale of these products does not lead to a supply of products that are suitable but much more expensive than the rest.

Will you join the challenge?