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Organic Ice Cream Gluten FREE, Refined Sugars FREE

Organic Ice Cream
Gluten FREE, Refined Sugar FREE

Discover the RUNAKAY family of organic and artisanal ice creams Gluten FREE and Refined Sugar FREE.

You and your family will love these 6 exquisite flavors of a healthy and deliciously creamy ice cream.

You’ll want to taste them all!


You’re a chocolate lover, period. So enjoy this classic flavor and this creamy delight with an intense chocolate flavor. Taste it knowing that you are giving your body organic pleasure -Gluten free and Refined Sugar free! And that’s all there is to it! Life is to be enjoyed, believe it!


Life isn’t always rosy, but this ice cream is.  It tastes like strawberry, it’s creamy, it’s organic, gluten-free and without refined sugars. For you to stop and enjoy, for you to take care of yourself, ideal for your kids to start enjoying in a healthy way while nourishing themselves.


A renewed classic, discover the intense flavor of handmade vanilla, organic, gluten-free and without refined sugars. You already know that it is characterized by those dark spots, which you will also find in this handmade ice cream. Ideal as a dessert and as a base for many recipes.

Cookies & Cream

Generous and crunchy pieces of gluten-free cookies flood this creamy organic ice cream. The delight of young and old, now Gluten Free and Sugar Free. Because it’s time to take care of the whole family without giving up on the pleasure, we are bringing to your home a revamped flavor that will awaken all senses.

Nougat (Turrón)

Nougat is a delicacy that should always be eaten, in winter and summer, because it is a unique flavor that defines and differentiates our Mediterranean culture. That is why we dedicate this exquisite organic, gluten-free and sugar-free ice cream to all nougat lovers who have decided to take care of themselves without giving up pleasure, any time of the year.

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Let their flavor surprise you and feel good!

Gluten FREE, Dairy FREE, Refined Sugar FREE

If you take care of yourself and have given up gluten, dairy and refined sugar, you’re finally going to enjoy something delicious, artisanal and organic.


Gluten FREE, Dairy FREE

If you practice veganism and are gluten-free, this is your place. In this range we have developed the most exquisite flavors and 100% dairy free.

Now you can feel good about eating delicious, healthy ice cream that takes care of your body and respects the planet – finally!