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Organic Ice Creams

Organic Ice Cream

Discover the 3 ranges of organic and artisanal RUNAKAY ice creams, Gluten FREE, Dairy FREE and Refined Sugar FREE

Your healthy pleasure
…because life is for Enjoying 😋 💚

16 unique flavors that will surprise you!

If you also eat WITHOUT, choose here according to your preferences!

Gluten FREE, Dairy FREE, Refined Sugar FREE

If you take care of yourself and have given up gluten, dairy and refined sugar, you’re finally going to enjoy something delicious, artisanal and organic.


Gluten FREE, Dairy FREE

If you practice veganism and are gluten-free, this is your place. In this range we have developed the most exquisite flavors and 100% dairy free.

Gluten FREE, Refined Sugar FREE

If you take care of your loved ones, you know that the healthiest and most natural option for them is to eat foods without gluten and refined sugars.

Now you can feel good about eating delicious, healthy ice cream that takes care of your body and respects the planet – finally!