Coffee Ice Cream

Vegan and organic fruit and almond ice cream with coffee

Ice cream made from fruit purees, concentrated date juice, almond paste, coconut drink and coffee.

Fully prepared frozen product, ready to consume.


Water, fruit purees* (mango puree*, banana puree*), concentrated date juice*, almond paste*, powdered agave inulin*, powdered coconut*, soluble coffee*, natural stabiliser (carob seed flour). (*organically farmed ingredients).

Nutrition facts

Energy value (per 100 g) 980 kJ/233 kcal
Fats 6.7 g
of which saturates 1.3 g
Carbohydrates 38 g
of which sugars 31 g
Dietary fibre 3.4 g
Proteins 3.3 g
Salt 0.15 g

How to consume: To enjoy your Runakay to the fullest, take it out of the freezer a few minutes beforehand. Consume between -12 and -14°C.

Weight: 460 ml

Storage conditions: Store at -18°C. Temperature should be continuously monitored during storage and distribution.

Shelf life: One and a half years, as stated in th e storage conditions.

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