Organic Ice Cream Gluten FREE, Refined Sugar FREE


Our selection of healthy, dairy flavours. Finally, a healthy and delicious ice cream that you will always want to repeat.


You’re a chocolate lover. So enjoy this classic flavor and this creamy delight with an intense chocolate flavor. Taste it knowing that you are giving your body organic pleasure -Gluten free and Refined Sugar free! And that’s all there is to it! Life is to be enjoyed, believe it!


Life isn’t always rosy, but this ice cream is.  It tastes like strawberry, it’s creamy, it’s organic, gluten-free and without refined sugars. For you to stop and enjoy, for you to take care of yourself, ideal for your kids to start enjoying in a healthy way while nourishing themselves.


A renewed classic, discover the intense flavor of handmade vanilla, organic, gluten-free and without refined sugars. You already know that it is characterized by those dark spots, which you will also find in this handmade ice cream. Ideal as a dessert and as a base for many recipes.

Cookies & Cream

Generous and crunchy pieces of gluten-free cookies flood this creamy organic ice cream. The delight of young and old, now Gluten Free and Sugar Free. Because it’s time to take care of the whole family without giving up on the pleasure, we are bringing to your home a revamped flavor that will awaken all senses.

Nougat (Turrón)

Nougat is a delicacy that should always be eaten, in winter and summer, because it is a unique flavor that defines and differentiates our Mediterranean culture. That is why we dedicate this exquisite organic, gluten-free and sugar-free ice cream to all nougat lovers who have decided to take care of themselves without giving up pleasure, any time of the year.

Organic Ice Cream, Gluten FREE, Dairy FREE, Refined sugar FREE


You no longer have to give up anything to enjoy maximum flavour.


6 delicious and innovative flavours for the most exquisite palates.

Cocoa & Banana

Vegan and organic cocoa and banana ice cream, dairy-free, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. Chocolate lovers will find a moment of infinite enjoyment with this delicious flavor that respects your body and Mother Earth.

Mango & Passion Fruit

If you like the sweetness of Mango, this delicious ice cream with a creamy and light texture is for you. Relax and enjoy this tropical trip while you take care of yourself. Because it is an organic, vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free ice cream.  Your body and mind will thank you.

Orange & Pomegranate

Creamy, refreshing and light, with the flavor and antioxidant power of pomegranate and a touch of orange, this ice cream is a new form of care and conscious pleasure.  Because you deserve it. Give your body the best. Organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free.

Lemon & Ginger

If you practice Detox or intermittent fasting, you already know the benefits of lemon and ginger. Now, we offer you both together in an organic ice cream. Fill yourself with freshness and cleanliness, with the acidity of lemon and a final ginger flavor that your body will be grateful for.

Organic Ice Cream Gluten FREE, Dairy FREE


If you have already given up gluten and you are vegan or do not like dairy products, these 6 delicious flavors are perfect for you.

Tigernut Stracciatella

Delicious vegan and organic tigernut Stracciatella ice cream, dairy and gluten free. For those who love the taste of tigernut milk and crunchy chocolate. Now you can enjoy this pleasure while taking care of yourself.


Vegan and organic coffee flavored ice cream, dairy and gluten free, no added sugars. For coffee lovers, as a dessert or in the afternoon, you will always find a moment to enjoy it and take care of your body and the planet.

Choco & Coconut

Coconut lovers should have a club, because when you like coconut, you like it a lot, don’t you? Well, imagine now that unique flavor sprinkled with bits of crunchy chocolate in the middle of that delicious creaminess. Without words, and moreover, gluten free and dairy free.

Hazelnut & Chocolate

If you love the taste of the most prestigious international praline brands, this is definitely your healthy ice cream. Imagine that intense pleasure completely guilt-free. Now it’s possible. When you try it, you won’t believe that this delicious ice cream is organic.


Tigernut Ice Cream Stick

Delicious and crunchy organic ice cream stick with a base of tigernut milk and chocolate coating. Made with love and natural ingredients to give you unique moments of pleasure. Taste it and you will get addicted, it will make you enjoy and feel amazing!