On 13 and 14 November, the Nordic Organic Food Fair was held in Malmö (Sweden), drawing in buyers, manufacturers, producers and suppliers of sustainable, organic and eco products from all over the world.

And we were there presenting Runakay. We couldn’t miss out on an event of this scale, could we? It was our debut in Scandinavia and the best way to reach out to a new and highly discerning market when it comes to food.

Naturally homemade was been the message created to convey our brand positioning. The four varieties of Runakay, coffee, cocoa, fruits and matcha tea, were very well received at the event. So much so that it was a finalist in the Best New Drink Product category of the Innovation Awards, handed out at this huge event (Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavian 2019).

What’s more, our stand had as much impact as our product did. We welcomed countless visitors keen to discover Runakay Superfood Shake, attracted also by the design of our space, because we recreated a bright and colourful display to reflect the naturalness of our ingredients: fruit, quinoa, dates and nuts.

Runakay’s huge success at the Nordic Organic Food Fair was further proven by an agreement that we signed with a Swedish distributor. We went there with high expectations. And we exceeded all of them!