For every one of us, Christmas is a time to get together and reunite with friends and family. Year after year, it’s all about celebrating. But over time, the traditional Christmas dinner has been changing. The family members sitting around the table have become more and more diverse, varied and unique, and being together is the most important thing.

The same goes for the food that we share; traditional meals are giving way to new arrivals, which also deserve their chance. When a trendy nephew struts in sporting his trendy glasses and produces a vegetable cake for the table, it can feel strange. Likewise, when a rejuvenated aunt presents a quinoa, sesame and couscous salad, we can feel suspicious.

The need to eat well does not change at Christmas, but sometimes it is misunderstood. Runakay is the latest innovation for Christmas dinner – a completely natural and homemade superfood, containing nothing but fruit, quinoa, dates and nuts. It’s completely vegan. It covers every nutritional need while also being respectful of the environment. In this day in age when sustainable food production is in the spotlight, Runakay exceeds every requirement. And at Christmas, even more so.

Runakay is so convenient because it’s ready to go, so you don’t have to think about what to prepare. You can drink it as it is, save time, and look great. Its four varieties can effortlessly accompany your meals over the festive period, with the choice of fruit, cocoa, matcha tea or coffee. You can use it as a side dip too – you’ll soon see what a good combination it is.

Runakay can also kick-start your breakfast. Its coffee variety gives you a great energy boost to start the day. The Matcha Tea flavour is also a great choice, especially over the holiday period when you might want to cleanse yourself after some richer meals.

Runakay with fruit is an excellent dessert option, ready to drink. Pour it into a tall glass and you’ll have a completely natural, extremely tasty dessert which is perfect for children, adults, seniors, or anyone! It’s an option that unites opinions around the whole table, which is just what we want at this time of the year J

When it comes to innovation in chocolate, Runakay with cocoa is the way to go. Combined with almonds it has a soft and elegant touch, and its freshness will bring you renewed energy.

Be the counterbalance this season by offering an alternative. Take Runakay to every dinner and get-together, or even give it as a present – you can get it here. You’ll be remembered as the guest who brought something truly different. They will all want you to invite you again!