Three terrifyingly healthy desserts

Three terrifyingly healthy desserts

The scariest night of the year is coming and many times not surprising our guests is our biggest fear. That’s why Runakay brings you three desserts that are as easy as they are healthy so that you only have to worry about finding the best costume for the party.

Bloody smoothie

It’s the goriest version of the classic smoothie with a Runakay twist. Blended pomegranate juice, your favorite vegetable milk and Runakay pomegranate and orange ice cream. Just by blending all the ingredients you will have a terrifying smoothie.

Death by muffins

The most millennial muffin on the market but terrifyingly refreshing. Use your favorite Runakay flavors to decorate and get an explosion of flavor in your muffins. You can use a piping bag to shape it any way you like. Don’t worry about it melting, you will get a much more terrifying effect.

Fake pumpkin brain

Everyone will be blown away when they discover that this fake pumpkin dessert actually tastes like our signature ice cream: mango. A layer of your favorite cereal, plain yogurt, Runakay mango ice cream, and a final layer of cream and cinnamon. A very tropical mix that will definitely put fear on the back burner at the party.

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