Three ice creams under 90 kcal - RUNAKAY

Three ice creams under 90 kcal

At Runakay we create ice creams that adapt to you, to the way you think and live. Ice creams that are conscious of the environment, our surroundings and the health of our consumers.

Today we bring you three flavours of Runakay ice cream without refined sugar and with less than 90 kcal per 100 g: mango with passion fruit, orange with pomegranate, and lemon with ginger. We are committed to a healthy lifestyle in which ice cream becomes a pleasure compatible with our habits. Have you ever taken a look at the nutritional value table of our ice creams?

One of our main advantages is that our Runakay artisan ice cream has less fat and sugar than the vast majority of industrial ice creams. And, do you know the best thing of all, is that we don’t give up its incredible flavour to achieve it. Our ice creams triumph because they are so good while taking care of what matters most to us.

We want to offer a range of ice creams suitable for the whole family, with vegan options and all gluten-free. Discover the ice cream that thinks and acts like you, because Runakay savours u better.