We join the women’s beach volleyball team!

We join the women’s beach volleyball team!

We have news! Runakay has become the new official sponsor of the international women’s beach volleyball team Carro-Lovato.

A few weeks ago Runakay signed a sponsorship agreement with the women’s beach volleyball team formed by Belén Carro from Madrid and Ángela Lobato from Andalusia.

Belén currently occupies the first position in the national ranking of women’s beach volleyball and Ángela the second. Their great sporting achievements and excellent professional careers motivated the Spanish team to unite as a team. The young athletes now aim to qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024 and thus establish themselves as a pair in the top international category.

As a team they already appear in the world rankings and occupy the 31st position. At the European level they are in 12th position as a sporting duo and are an example of constant effort and self-improvement. Both train at the International Centre for Volleyball and Beach Volleyball Development in Lorca, Murcia.

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