What is Runakay? | Runakay

What is Runakay?

Runakay is a delicious and balanced  Vegan and Organic shake ready to taste

It is made with almonds, chia, quinoa and fruit, mixed with breakfast flavours (coffee, cocoa or matcha).

Runakay is ideal for starting your day because it boosts your energy immediately and gives you great nutrients which benefit your body and mind.

Runakay is eco-friendly, vegan and 100% natural. It is preserved without preservatives or additives thanks to a system similar to bain-marie which saves the qualities and properties of its ingredients during its shelf-life (2 years).

How can you have it?

Runakay comes in individual 250 ml bottles so you can have it directly from the cooled bottle or at room temperature.

Heating the product can alter its nutritional properties, but if you feel like warming it some time, you can.

Once opened, you can keep it in a refrigerator for 3 days.

When can you have it?

Whenever you feel like it!

Are you in a hurry in the morning and you don’t have time to have a super breakfast? You have it and it’s already prepared.

Do you need a mid-morning energetic and healthy boost before lunchtime? You have it in your bag.

Before doing sport, do you need something easy to take and metabolize to give you all the energy you need? Runakay goes with you.

What about having a tasty, healthy and balanced snack? You’ll feel great with it.

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