Enjoy the taste of authenticity

Enjoy the taste of authenticity

When you taste the flavour of the real thing you never want to eat conventional ice cream again, and that’s the magic behind Runakay ice cream.

What is the taste of the real thing?

Discovering a product that not only satisfies you with its incredible flavour but also covers all those other needs you’ve been looking for for so long, that’s when you realise you’ve finally found it.

Vegan mango ice cream. Strawberry ice cream with milk base.

That is our commitment to all our Runakay consumers, to continue to develop products suitable for as many people as possible, respecting their needs and demands. In addition, authenticity is also transparency, that’s why we are clear and concise and our products are very honest. You can find all the ingredients, always organic and perfectly detailed.

Vegan ice creams and milk-based ice creams, all gluten-free and with a wide range of ice creams without added sugars in which all our consumers agree when they say «the most brutal flavour». Because we are not used to finding products with all these characteristics that manage to maintain the taste of a good artisan ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream with milk base. Vegan coffee ice cream.

Enjoy our ice creams and discover the infinite ways in which you can enjoy them in our social networks.