FELIUBADALÓ: from the beginning know that we have chosen well

Runakay has reached a distribution agreement with Feliubadaló. This story has just begun and we know that with Feliubadaló the only things can go well.

And to talk about Feliubadaló is talk of a large national distribution with more than 30 years of experience. It is highly specialized in the distribution of multiple product categories: biological feed, ecological, vegan, integral products and gluten free; also in natural cosmetics and personal hygiene, weight control, medicinal plants, health and food supplements; and also in sports nutrition. And so, to more than 26,000 references from more than 1,600 brands.

 This is the philosophy based on specialization of Feliubadaló, so we know that Runakay has made an excellent decision to this agreement. Not in vain dietary shops, herbalists, specialty shops, pharmacies, drugstores, restaurants, hotels, etc. years who placed their trust in them.

To all of them it intended to reach Runakay which brings innovation and quality in equal parts. Starting with their ingredients, flavor and texture only, and continuing with that is completely sustainable and natural. We ended up with the best, its flavors. Today has four varieties, fruit, cocoa, coffee and tea matcha which they are positioned in the market for organic food very easily.

We are confident that with Feliubadaló, Runakay reach the final consumer with all the guarantees. Because as we said at the beginning, with Feliubadaló the only things can go well.

Access Feliubalaló Online store to acquire your Runakay Superfood Shake.

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