Very easy to understand: your best drink in your best supermarket.

Runakay. Yes, memorise that name, your voice assistant will recognise it as soon as you ask for itJ. It is the next word as charged with meaning as with energy for everyday life. Runakay is a drink, it comes in 4 varieties: fruit, cocoa, coffee and matcha tea. It contains no preservatives, dyes or other additives, no gluten, or lactose. It is bio-total, eco-vegan, 100% healthy. The ingredients are fruit, quinoa, dates and dried fruit. Format: 250 ml glass bottle. Fully sustainable. Also, modern and authentic. As soon as you taste it you will see. They will see. Defining it as a superfood or a super breakfast is more than enough. When you taste it, you can put add all the super this and that you want. Runakay is made here, so there is no more suspense. You already know everything.

From the moment you get up until you go to bed you need energy. Of all the food you eat every day, let Runakay start your day. Here, there or on the way. Feel free, grant it whatever time you prefer.

It gives me a feeling of fullness, of being well, it is tasty, yes, I am not hungry all morning … There are few words and many sensations that Runakay awakens. It is in your nature to take it. Taste it and you yourself will write a universe of sensations. You already have the first part of your speech when they ask what you are drinking.

Runakay, it’s already less difficult to say the word, right? Well there goes another: veritas. These are supermarkets found throughout Spain, also online: The name says it all, truth. You see, our products, which are totally sustainable, are sold in supermarkets that are just as respectful of nature as we are. Veritas offers only certified organic food products; it respects food biodiversity and defends conscious and responsible consumption. And then there is Runakay. Birds of a feather

In all Veritas stores in Spain there is Runakay, in all of them. Search here for the nearest store. But if you want it to be delivered to you, this is your link. It is more than available, ready to go.  So, take one, try it.

And for our next post, have a Runakay handy while you read it: fruit, cocoa, coffee and matcha tea. Which one do you want to try?