Runakay lands in Madrid

Runakay lands in Madrid

El Horno de Leña spearheads the operation.

Many things can be said about Runakay: the first is that it’s a superfood, the second is that it’s a super breakfast in the form of a smoothie. And we’ve lost count of all the other things: it’s also a vegan drink that comes in four flavours: fruit, cocoa, coffee and matcha tea. It has no preservatives or colourings or other additives and it’s also gluten-free and lactose-free. It’s totally organic, eco-vegan and 100% healthy. Its ingredients are fruit, quinoa, dates and nuts.

 And what we can say about El Horno de Leña? It’s a stellar distributor. It’s a pioneer brand in traditionally made products sourced from organic agriculture. It has more than six hundred items in multiple product categories: biscuits, breads, pastries, seeds, cereals, flakes, legumes, preserves, honeys, pastas, etc. Everything is traditionally produced and the natural and organic ingredients pass strict controls.

Basically, Runakay is now available at all the stores supplied by El Horno de Leña.  It’s our launch in the city and we’ve done it in style. So, fasten your seat belts, we’re landing right now and thousands of fans are waiting for us.

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