Save the planet with Runakay

Save the planet with Runakay

Saving the planet is a necessity and an obligation that not only characterises a sustainable way of thinking. All our daily habits and actions have an environmental impact, making climate change a never-ending race to the bottom.

That is why we must take action in all areas of our lives and it is the only way to join SAVE THE PLANET. There is no planet B.

Animal production, especially of red meat, is far more polluting than plant-based food production.

Greenpeace states that «animal agriculture is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, as much as all cars, trains, ships and planes combined». Did you know that it takes more land and 8 times more water to produce a glass of animal milk than it takes to produce a vegetable drink?

That’s why more than 70% of our ice creams are 100% vegan. We dispense with the use of animal ingredients in favour of plant-based ice creams full of flavour and creaminess.

At Runakay we only have organic products, so we respect the cycles of nature, without using chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilisers or GMOs. We care about choosing the best environmental practices while preserving nature’s resources.

In addition, our packaging carries the green dot symbol as part of our commitment to waste recycling. We also meet the requirements of the FSC Certificate, a forestry certification that guarantees good forest management in the production of our packaging.

Choosing Runakay is choosing a more sustainable and environmentally conscious ice cream as well as a healthy and naturally delicious alternative for you.