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Our history

My name is Juanjo López and I’m the manager and founder of Runakay. However, I don’t feel I am the owner of this project. This project is a gift from nature, who has inspired us with her multiple signs and lessons. This is how everything started.

This is how it all came up

It was a summer morning of year 2016. My wife, Digna, was studying nutrition and dietetics and was preparing a delicious and super healthy breakfast for the whole family. That morning she was feeling a little bit tired, as she had to balance work and studies, and she said (while yawning): “I wish there was a breakfast made of vegetable drinks, superfood, fruit… so I could sleep for another half-hour.”

At that time, I wasn’t too excited about my business, I felt like starting something relevant, which could allow us spend more time together and which was in line with our beliefs… And after that simple sentence, it clicked. I thought it was a wonderful idea. How many people have a poor breakfast because they lack of time, they do not feel like preparing it or because they do not know how to make a good one, nutritionally speaking? If we found the way to create a breakfast which could meet all the nutritional needs of human beings, and at the same time it was tasty and completely natural and environmentally friendly, that would be perfect.

Just the idea of trying it was so exciting, I sold my company. And we started experimenting with the ingredients.

Our origins

We were sure we wanted it to be a 100% organic product inside a 100% recyclable bottle. We also wanted to honour our roots and our land. I remember eating dates for dessert and feeling tireless while playing in the streets of Barinas (a town in Murcia called the Spanish Palestine). And I remember my Grandma preparing milk for breakfast with grinded almonds because I was lactose-intolerant. Those ingredients happen to be extremely nutritive. And those flavours are still there, as the base of Runakay, as the legacy of a time when unknowingly, we knew how to take care of ourselves. My wife is from Oña, a small town in the Andean mountains where people have been harvesting quinoa, cacao, coffee… for years. Those ingredients are part of their breakfast as they boost their energy and vitality for the long days in the mountains. And that’s how everything started!

The idea of mix and unity is our deepest essence and what gives value and sense to Runakay. Runa (human being) and Kay (universe) is a Quechuan expression which reminds us that, in order to get balance, human beings must be one with nature, by respecting it and giving back all the wealth she gives them. I can only thank nature for her gift. And you, who are reading this, for being open to enjoy it.

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