Our Earth, our home

A few days ago we commemorated Earth Day, a day dedicated to reflecting on our responsibility to care for the planet, everyone’s home. For this reason, it is essential to make the population aware of the effect of our actions and the extent to which they can harm the Earth. However, raising awareness is not […]

Remember again

Did you know that taste is connected to memory? Through flavours we can get to remember different moments of our life. With just one bite we can recall people, moments or situations from the past. At Runakay we are experts in connecting emotions and memories, which is why our catalogue is full of the flavours […]

Vegan ice cream benefits

Have you ever wondered what are the advantages of vegan ice creams compared to traditional ones? Apparently it may seem that the only difference is that some use animal milk and others do not. However, there are a number of details that we hace to consider. It is true that vegan ice creams are specially […]

Desserts to surprise at Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of the year filled with delicious desserts and traditional sweets. One of many people’s favorites is ice cream, and we can combine it with other Christmas desserts. In this article we propose some ideas for Christmas desserts with ice cream that you can prepare at home to surprise your loved […]

Advantages of eating Runakay ice cream with the arrival of cold weather

Whoever imposed that ice cream is a summer product had no idea how to enjoy life. That’s why at Runakay we broke the established patterns to create our own rules. So yes, basically this is a list of excuses to eat ice cream all year round: Forget about your ice cream melting because that won’t […]

Three terrifyingly healthy desserts

The scariest night of the year is coming and many times not surprising our guests is our biggest fear. That’s why Runakay brings you three desserts that are as easy as they are healthy so that you only have to worry about finding the best costume for the party. Bloody smoothie It’s the goriest version […]

I have coeliac disease and I want to enjoy my food!

This is a manifesto, a Runakay manifesto because above all we want to enjoy the food! That’s why we create gluten-free ice creams that are mainly just that, ice creams. Being gluten-free does not change our taste or the experience of a good ice cream, and the best thing is that absolutely all our catalogue […]

We join the women’s beach volleyball team!

We have news! Runakay has become the new official sponsor of the international women’s beach volleyball team Carro-Lovato. A few weeks ago Runakay signed a sponsorship agreement with the women’s beach volleyball team formed by Belén Carro from Madrid and Ángela Lobato from Andalusia. Belén currently occupies the first position in the national ranking of […]

Three ice creams under 90 kcal

At Runakay we create ice creams that adapt to you, to the way you think and live. Ice creams that are conscious of the environment, our surroundings and the health of our consumers. Today we bring you three flavours of Runakay ice cream without refined sugar and with less than 90 kcal per 100 g: […]